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What's Your Organizing Style?

Stylish clothes in closet

You've been inspired by Marie Kondo's book and you've invested in some cute bins from The Container Store. You've even labeled everything with your new label maker. But somehow, your space still feels cluttered and chaotic. What's going on? You might be using the wrong method for your organizing style.

We tend to be a combination of the four main types of organizers: visual, hidden, macro, and micro. Each one has a different preference for how to store and display their items. Do you like to see everything on open shelves or tucked away in closed cabinets? Do you prefer to throw things in a large basket or sort them into smaller bins by category?

To find out your organizing type and get some tips on how to make your space more functional and beautiful, take this quick quiz. It only takes 5 minutes and it could change your life!

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