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How to Get Your Kids to Help with Household Chores

May 2, 2023 | Kids & Family

Person washing dishes in kitchen sink

Getting children to help clean up can be a challenge, but there are several strategies that can be effective. In many societies across the globe, all members of the household pitch-in, including the little ones.

Here are some useful tips that can encourage your kids to participate in household chores:

Make it a Routine

Establishing a routine where cleaning up is a regular part of the day can make it easier for children to understand that it's an expected part of daily life.

Make it Fun and Age Appropriate

Turn cleaning up into a game or a competition. For example, set a timer and challenge your children to see who can pick up the most toys before the timer goes off.

However, be sure to assign tasks that are appropriate for your child's age and abilities. For example, younger children can be responsible for picking up toys, while older children can help with more complex tasks like folding laundry or vacuuming.

Provide Incentives

Offer small rewards for helping with chores, such as extra screen time, an allowance, or a special treat. Be careful not to let these incentives turn into bribes.

Lead by Example

Children often learn by watching their parents, so if they see you cleaning up regularly and taking care of your belongings, they're more likely to follow suit. Be sure to involve them in the tasks or they may come to see them as "your job".

Be Consistent

Stick to your expectations and consequences if your child doesn't help clean up. Consistency is key to establishing good habits.

Remember, it's important to be patient and positive when teaching children about chores. Praise them for their efforts and make it clear that cleaning up is a team effort and an important part of keeping the household running smoothly.

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