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The Minimalist Guide to Moving: Tips for your smoothest move yet.

"Whether you’re neighborhood-hopping to your new DC rental or planning a coast-to-coast move from McLean to the west coast, planning a move can be a stressful process. From packing up your things to loading up a moving van and transitioning to life in a new home, moving can quickly take over your daily life. But by embracing a minimalist approach to moving, packing up for a move can be the perfect time to start fresh. And what may seem like an all-or-nothing approach becomes a way to part with items that no longer bring you joy or have meaning, simplifying the process."

To help you start life in your new abode with less stress, Redfin reached out me and other experts across the country to create the ultimate guide to minimalist moving. Check out what we had to say: The Ultimate Guide to Minimalist Moving | Redfin

Woman and child preparing for a move.
Moving Day

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